Varian Medical Systems Recognized Peer-to-Peer Training Provider Program

Varian Medical Systems is committed to providing world class product training and support through its Applications Training Teams, Education Centers and Helpdesk Teams. Since product training may not provide the full arc of training necessary when adopting new technology, Varian has developed the 'Recognized Peer-to-Peer Training Program'. This program is designed to connect clinicians who have adopted technologies and protocols to fellow clinicians who are on the path to adopting those same technologies and protocols. Varian partners with the training provider and ensures that where and when Varian product functionality is included in the curriculum, it is consistent with the product's defined intent of use.

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The courses on this site are offered and exclusively controlled by the Clinical Schools/Sites provided on this website. Varian is not responsible for and has not reviewed the course topic, content or materials.


Institutions providing clinical training using Varian approved curriculum. The institution providing the service will provide more information.

Clinical Schools

Accredited Varian Medical Systems teaching centers. Local Varian Medical Systems sales representative will provide more information.


Training focused on clinical implementation of Image Guided Radiation Therapy


Training geared toward clinicians involved in the clinical implementation of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy


Training focused on the clinical implementation of RapidArc

RPM (Gating)

Training focused on the clinical implementation of Motion Management using Varian's RPM System


Training focused on clinical implementation of SRS/SBRT


Training focused on the development and implementation of a QA program.


Training focused on the major aspects central to EMR adoption.


Training focused on the clinical implementation of the TrueBeam™ radiotherapy system.


Training focused on the clinical implementation of Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy (3DCRT).